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Jerome & Clarkdale, Northern Arizona's Old Mining Towns

In Northern Arizona about 1 hour away from the hustle & bustle of tourist dense Sedona you have a tiny little old mining town built into the side of a mountain. Jerome Arizona rests at approximately 5000 feet of elevation and the locals have told me that it's built on a root system that actually causes the whole town to shift about 4 inches per year. It's current year round population is about 400 people and the residents seem to like it that way.  Next to Jerome at lower elevation is another tiny mining town called Clarkdale. Both Jerome and Clarkdale were the result of mining town booms in the early 20th century. Since that period the mines have closed...

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The Rogue Van & What It Means To Me

It's taken 3 years and hundreds of man hours to get the RogueVan to where it is today. Actually you can go back further than that if you want because I've tried my hands at restoring several mid-west rust buckets before I got here. Namely a 69 Ford Bronco that I loved dearly but was essentially fused together from 30 years of road salt! Anyway let's get back on target, after multiple setbacks and trying maintain a career all while building my personal dreams I'm very happy with where I find myself today. I still have plenty of things I would like to do with RogueVan which I originally dubbed Spaceball 1, but all that will come with time. I'm thankful...

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Rogue Life Mission Statement

My name is Nick DeAngelis and I am an independent entrepreneur with one primary goal in mind. I want to build a brand that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship in a way no other has. My vision is to have something that cuts, motivates, and has an edgy appeal. I want it to infuse entrepreneurs of all ages with energy and connect them to one another.  To do this I created Rogue Life, the Rogue Life logo, and it's three pillars: 1. The Power To Live Life On Your Terms 2. It's In Your DNA 3. Life However You Want To Think It Rogue Life is here to support the creative endeavors of all entrepreneurs who dream ideas but don't...

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