Jerome & Clarkdale, Northern Arizona's Old Mining Towns

In Northern Arizona about 1 hour away from the hustle & bustle of tourist dense Sedona you have a tiny little old mining town built into the side of a mountain. Jerome Arizona rests at approximately 5000 feet of elevation and the locals have told me that it's built on a root system that actually causes the whole town to shift about 4 inches per year. It's current year round population is about 400 people and the residents seem to like it that way. 

Next to Jerome at lower elevation is another tiny mining town called Clarkdale. Both Jerome and Clarkdale were the result of mining town booms in the early 20th century. Since that period the mines have closed and what's left is some very interesting history, great sightseeing, and some of the ugly byproduct of copper mining. 
Although Jerome offers more in the way of restaurants, bars, and shops, Clarkdale is the home of the Verde Canyon Heritage Railroad which runs between Clarkdale & Perkinsville (note: Perkinsville has essentially been completely abandoned). The focus of this series of pictures and videos will be the abandoned mining operations. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I can now show you satellite snapshots of the area and the mining areas that you generally don't see unless you really go exploring!

The pictures below show overhead views of a 40 acre pile of slag that is over 30 ft tall as well as the surface mining marks and toxic chemical pools that will pretty much remain forever. You can also see a video I recorded and all of the satellite photo's on the Rogue Life Instagram page by clicking here. Please swipe to view the video and pictures. The video was filmed as we were riding by on the Verde Canyon Railway.

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