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In Loving Memory Of:

My mother, Paula DeAngelis and all of those that have left a permanent impression on me.  Uncle Peter Anastopoulos Nana Angie DeAngelis Papa Geno DeAngelis Papoo George Johnston Aunt Theresa Egizio Uncle Gene Egizio Uncle Gus Egizio Nicolette Bellos Gus Pat Bull George Weikum Eric Weikum Allen Futrell Sherman Throop Jerry Eileen Dechecko Chris Goeke Elmo Petro MaryFran Petro Jeremy Meyer John Kraizak Bill Ellinger Andy Jacobs Leo Harrison III Dexter DeAngelis Winnie DeAngelis Beau DeAngelis Pepper DeAngelis Bami Marquardt and for any that I may have forgotten. 

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The origins of "My Rogue Life" encompass experiences that you may or may not be able to identify with. I tend to feel that everyone can relate to "My Rogue Life" in some way, shape or form because the experiences are real. I have been encouraged by many people to tell my story because they insist that I have an interesting story to tell. As a result I've decided to publish "My Rogue Life" one chapter at a time via this blog until I have a completed work. Along the way I intend to establish a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of the completed book in the event that my first authored work is not seen as a New York Times...

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